The Legend of Zelda: True Courage
You wanna know something embarrassing? When I was a kid, Zelda boss battles used to scare me. It took a long time before I saw the fun in the challenge of the fight.

Sometimes though it’s the little acts of courage that make all the difference. Because standing up against King Dodongo taught me how to stand up against the other big scary fears of my life.

via Kotor Comics.

Kozaki Yusuke art for the new Smash Bros. fighters!
Even though I’m disappointed that Nintendo went for the predictable characters versus the more interesting (Sully and/or Donnel) to fill Smash Bros.' roster, I ain't even mad because we get new art from Kozaki Yusuke to celebrate today's reveal. Yusuke, if you're not familiar with the name from our past posts, is the incredibly talented character artist who worked on the No More Heroes series, Liberation Maiden, and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

via Tiny Cartridge.